There are shoes .. and then there are Choos

The Malaysian/Chinese shoe designer who is based in London and goes by the name of Jimmy Choo is the name that everyone associates with both style and luxury when it comes to footwear. He creates some of the sexiest shoes ever seen, which are worn by the most famous women in the world, and the word is that if you weren’t particularly sexy before you will be when you are in your Choos.

These are, and have been for many a year now, THE must have shoes. You can see the detail and the work that has gone into each masterpiece, and the designs and the techniques used make every shoe look, and feel, like a one off. Aesthetics aside, a Jimmy Choo shoe is the ultimate in comfort enabling the feet to remain relaxed and allowed to breathe, and is one of the very few designer shoe brands you can wear all day without discomfort.

The iconic Jimmy Choo pump is a prime example, as it has been designed to keep the foot level and the airflow continuous. The cut away design gives a glimpse of the arch of the foot, giving it instant sex appeal, and the heel height and overall style means that is can be worn for any occasion day or night and with any outfit. This is the trademark of this most famous of luxury brands; wearability.

Whether you buy boots, flats, platforms, pumps, sandals or wedges you get the impression that they have been created especially for you, and that priceless feeling is just one of the reasons by this brand has gone stratospheric. Another is that they are just so attractive, and make every woman feel amazing and when you own a pair of these luxury shoes you have the right to strut your stuff and show them off.

The fact that Jimmy Choo produces shoes for every season is another big part of his appeal, and when you are getting through the winter wearing a pair of luxurious boots that treat the cold weather with disdain, you can look forward to showing off your feet in a classic pair of sandals a few months down the line.

The ability to be able to move with the times yet always remain in vogue and also have a classic twist is rare in the world of luxury shoes, yet Jimmy Choo pulls this off effortlessly. He deserves his place in the upper echelon of luxury designer brands, and his longevity is assured as, quite frankly, why on earth would anyone decide they didn’t want Jimmy Choo shoes any more?

An unassuming man with a passion is the best way of describing Mr Choo, and the fact that he understands that we need shoes that not only make the ultimate fashion statement but are also comfortable and make us feel as if we are walking on air. There are no cheap Jimmy Choo shoes, a luxury brand of this calibre is going to carry a hefty price tag, but the look, feel and how long they last makes these oh so special shoes worth every last penny.