How to look after luxury fabrics

We all aspire to look our best. Whether that means getting some outdoor gym equipment to regularly work on our muscles or buying the latest fashion items, looking good feels great. One of the simplest ways to look and feel a million dollars is to invest in some luxury fabrics. They might be for beauty sleep (think world-famous Egyptian cotton) or to keep us chic and warm (hello cosy cashmere!) but either way, expensive fabrics are a must for the aspiring fashionista.

Although they cost money, with a bit of hard work and some savvy saving you can splurge your money on these luxury items for an occasional treat. Then all you need to worry about is how you keep your new premium items in tip-top conditioner once you’ve invested in them. You don’t want to replace expensive luxury fabrics all the time so good maintenance is the key.

To help you give the best care to your beautiful belongings, we’ve put together a quick guide on everything from stain removal to storage.

Wool / cashmere

First up, let’s look at how best to look after the staple of any luxury wardrobe during those long winter months: wool and cashmere. The most important thing to remember when it comes to these fabulous fabrics is that less care is in fact more. Wool tends to shrink in the heat so it’s important to lay off any intense machine washes. The best way to keep it fresh and lovely is a gentle hand-wash with detergent specifically designed for wool. Dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight and store folded rather than hung as this can cause the fibres to sag over time.


What fabric is more luxurious than silk? Great in dresses, scarves and shirts, silk is an excellent all-rounder for any fashionable wardrobe. Just like wool, proper maintenance is required to keep it looking great for the long-term. You should wash silk in lukewarm water, avoiding any strong detergents. If you could benefit from a bit of extra stain removal power then dab your silk garment with temperate water and a specialist silk-cleaning product. Once washed, be sure never to wring it out; instead let the fabric dry naturally. Contrary to popular opinion you can sometimes steam iron silk using a cloth, but be very careful. Try a test patch first and follow the instructions on the care label if you’re in any doubt.

Egyptian cotton

Finally, as mentioned above, luxury fabrics aren’t necessarily confined to the wardrobe. Sleeping in Egyptian cotton will make you feel fabulous even before you get dressed but you need to make sure you keep your linens in good condition by following a few easy steps. First, give any new sheets a pre-soak in cold water and a little liquid detergent before sleeping on them. Next, put them on a low temperature cycle on your washing machine (always follow the manufacturer’s instructions). For subsequent washes, use warm rather than hot water and always follow with a cold rinse. Remember to separate colours and use a specialist stain removal product if required.

Taking good care of luxurious fabrics may seem like a chore, but it’s definitely worth it. These beautiful linens are worthy of excellent upkeep and in return they’ll keep you looking and feeling fabulous long-term.