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Here’s What To Look For In The Post-Christmas Sales

Shops all around the country will be clearing out unsold stock after the Christmas rush. That makes it a great time to pick up bargains, and many millions of Brits will be looking for deals on Boxing Day. Is this really a great time to find a bargain, and if so, how can you get one?

After-Christmas deals on the high street

Retailers know that it makes sense for them to overstock in the run up to Christmas. Thanks to healthy profit margins and economies of scale, they might as well stock plenty of in-demand toys even if they don’t expect to actually sell them all. That means once the dust has settled, these retailers need to clear out their stockrooms by selling off extra stock, and this translates into steep discounts. If you didn’t get the gifts you wanted, it makes a lot of sense to take a trip out to your local high street and see if it’s on offer anywhere. Of course, bear in mind that the “hot new toy” might sell out altogether, so don’t count on being able to get what you want in the sales!

Saving money with online shopping

More and more shoppers are looking online for post-Christmas savings, particularly for hardware and electronics. Smart retailers are taking advantage of this swell in interest to plan savings around this time; they know people will be looking for deals, so it makes sense to capitalise on their attention. Many online retailers don’t have the same incentive to clear stock rooms as high street retailers do, as they typically have a lot more warehouse space to work with. However, with the expectation of new product lines in the new year, many online sellers will still want to clear out old stock, leaving you with the chance to grab a bargain.

Save big on big-ticket items

How about saving money on a car after Christmas? It might not be your first thought, but car dealerships are actually under pressure to make sales before March comes around. This is because when the new registration plates are issued all their existing stock becomes “last year’s model”. Typically you may be able to net yourself a decent discount on a new car, particularly if you know how to drive a bargain. This can also apply to other large items such as white goods and furniture, so consider purchasing these products after Christmas.

Get your money’s worth in the post-Christmas sales

Retailers have, unsurprisingly, caught on to the fact that many shoppers will be out and about after Christmas. That means you can’t just assume that whatever you’re buying offers a great discount. Check against competitors and see whether what you’re being offered really is amazing value, or if the seller is hoping to make a few extra sales.