Effective Stain Removal on Luxurious Fabrics

If you’ve read many magazines or online blogs, or watched any adverts on the TV, you’ll know that there’s practically thousands f different ways to achieve great stain removal. From powerful laundry detergents to the more unusual methods like baking soda and distilled vinegar, there’s a wide variety of cleaning products you can choose from to draw those unsightly stains out of your favourite clothing.

Many of the great tips you’ve heard about or read about are only suitable for ‘everyday’ fabrics, like cotton and hard wearing synthetics. Unfortunately, as we all know, stains happen on our more luxurious materials, too. Whether you’re making a slush drink for the kids before heading out in your new silk shirt or sipping a warming cocoa in a cosy woolly jumper, accidents can and do happen!

Great stain removal tips

When it comes to stain removal on more luxurious fabrics, like wool and silk, it’s important to take a bit more care to prevent damage to the materials. This is because these fabrics may be more delicate and fragile than synthetic blends, which can generally withstand a little more. That’s why stain removal tips for these fabrics often mention the use of milder cleaning products and gentler washing cycles than you may normally use.

So what’s the secret to safe and effective stain removal on luxurious fabrics?

Be selective. Many delicate fabrics can actually be machine washed. There’s no need to hand wash clothing unless you suspect the fabric is very fragile – or unless it’s irreplaceable, such as a family heirloom, for example. However, it’s important to select a laundry detergent that’s effective yet mild, offering great stain removal but at the same time also protecting your luxurious materials. Some brands now offer detergents that are especially designed for fabrics like wool and silk, so try popping these on your next shopping list.

Be gentle. As well as selecting the best laundry detergent for your luxurious fabrics, it’s also important to choose the best washing cycle. Modern washing machines are very technologically advanced, which means that we can now select a gentle, wool-friendly cycle at the touch of a button. However, if your washing machine doesn’t have this option, don’t panic! Opt for a short cycle (the less time your fabric is submerged the better), and a lower temperature than normal to prevent shrinkage — about 30 degrees.

Be patient. Although stain removal can quick and simple, we shouldn’t rush the washing process when it comes to our luxurious fabrics. Materials like silk and wool shouldn’t be dried in the tumble dryer because the high heats can cause damage, and can cause some fabrics to shrink. After washing, always dry your luxurious materials naturally. Lay some towels on the floor and lay the clothing down flat to dry, as hanging on the line can stretch the fabric. With wool, it’s a good idea to reshape the clothing while still a little damp.

Simple stain removal

If you accidentally spill a drink on your favourite silk skirt, don’t worry! Washing fabrics like wool and silk is often said to be difficult, but it’s actually very simple. As long as you use the right products, and stick to gentle stain removal methods, you should be able to remove those nasty stains in a jiffy.