Brand Beckham

One fateful day in February 1997, Victoria Adams, one of the world famous Spice Girls wandered into the players lounge at Old Trafford, and caught the eye of the floppy haired mildfielder who had set the world of football alight. Victoria and David struck up a conversation and the rest, as they say, is history. If you believe some of the tales then this was no chance meeting, it was karma.

She had apparently spotted him in a sports mag and fancied the pants of him, while he was supposed to have proclaimed that she was the woman her was going to marry after seeing her in a Spice Girls video. Whichever urban legend you choose to believe, the fact is that the day these two got together was the day that the world of luxury fashion started to change as in blew the beginnings of Brand Beckham.

Victoria was never the best singer, or dancer, in the group, but she stood out thanks to her pout and her wardrobe. This woman lived and breathed fashion, and was never seen in anything that wasn’t bang on trend. David started to appear in more photos than ever before, as somebody somewhere cottoned onto the fact that this young guy wasn’t only the next big thing in football, but also had the looks and physique to become a model.

Fast forward several years, several countries, several football teams and several kids, and Victoria now takes her place amongst the upper echelon of fashion with her designs appearing on red carpets around the world. Her decision to go into fashion full time and design her own collections was met with derision from several corners who viewed her merely as a clothes horse, how wrong they have been proved to be.

From the moment her debut collection arrived in 2008 the fashion world sat up and took notice. Her dresses became instant must haves and very quickly anyone who was anyone wanted to be seen in a VB dress. When she added accessories and ‘it girl’ sunglasses into the mix she became a complete brand. While her perfumes are easily affordable for all, her clothes aren’t, but the target audience certainly put off by the four figure price tags.

Any discerning girl about town wants a few VB pieces in their walk in wardrobes, along with the glasses and the handbags, two accessories you never see Mrs Beckham without. By keeping her product range small and select she is tapping into the luxury market and creating outfits for those who have a few thousand to spare on a handbag.

Meanwhile, as Victoria marches on, picking up many awards along the way, David has turned his hand to designing and modelling his own underwear range. While not luxury goods like his wife, women across the country are buying these by the shed load for their men, no doubt hoping that a pair of pants will turn them in Mr B. It seems pretty much guaranteed that Brand Beckham is here to stay, and nobody can really begrudge them their success.