Those designer accessories that finish off your outfit to perfection

So, you have your designer dress, your designer shoes and you are looking and feeling fantastic but there’s something missing. That something is the luxury accessories that transform an outfit into a thing of beauty. If you are dressed in luxury, designer fashion then the accessories have to be of the same ilk, and choosing these is almost as important as the rest of the outfit.

What you are wearing, obviously, dictates which accessories you should be wearing to fully accentuate your look. The key to accessorising is not to send out mixed messages so, for example, if you are having a dressing down day and going to the beach, while your designer jewellery will no doubt accentuate your swimsuit, it isn’t really a good look and can actually come across as cheap and tacky rather than chic and sophisticated.

This is a trick that the young carry off effortlessly, yet for some reason the older, affluent women seems to have an issue with leaving the house without wearing every piece of designer jewellery they possess. The key to this is to think of the word accessory and the meaning behind it, an addition to an outfit that finishes it off sits there innocuously and doesn’t take centre stage.

Luxury fashion accessories cover many areas; bags, glasses, gloves ,jewellery, scarves, belts, in other words, everything that you add to an outfit to make it look different from how it looks hanging in your wardrobe. That Karl Lagerfeld pant suit with a few carefully chosen accessories and shoes can get you through a variety of occasions effortlessly.

The workplace is a prime example of where you should put a lot of thought into your accessories. If you are in a position of standing this doesn’t give you an excuse to go in like a walking ad for an accessory brand. Discreet and simple is the way to go, as when you are in meetings or meeting new clients it is you that needs to impress them and they shouldn’t be distracted by your jewellery.

Bags and glasses are the big two daytime accessories, and no self respecting socialite or celebrity would be seen out in the daylight without their designer tote bag and uber shades. These accessories have sort of taken on a life of their own in terms of global domination as everyone wants them, literally. Even the wealthiest and those on planet celebrity have to add their names to waiting lists to get their hands on the latest must haves.

If you are someone who has to have the best of everything then accessories is not an area to be skimped on. Some may be tempted to used high street extras but these will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb against your Chanel dress. Sophisticated is the way go, from top to toe, and only luxury fashion accessories will do, so make sure you have an accessory for every occasion and every time you leave the house you are style personified.