Welcome to the world of luxury fashion, those items that the rich and famous take for granted and the rest of us aspire too.  Luxury is broadly defined as those possessions that whilst desirable are not essential, and are also expensive. Luxury goods give the owner a great sense of comfort and they also tend to be wearing or using them in opulent surroundings that are top quality.

Over the years, luxury has moved from material items such as cars and houses into fashion, and originality, novelty and, of course, the designer label, have all become major contributory factors in the luxury fashion market. Culture is also a major player, as more than ever we want to emulate the look of our favourite celebrities and will go all out to bring the look together through the fashions and the accessories we have at our disposal.

Branding certain items as luxury has totally changed the perception of how consumers view the fashion industry, and what were formally classed as designer items are now luxury items that that tick all the boxes when it comes to design, quality, craftsmanship, innovation, exclusivity and more often than not, uniqueness. As far as fashion is concerned, there is a seamless blend of craftsmanship, quality and creativity that sets them apart from all the rest.

So what is it that allows a brand to cross that hallowed line and become a luxury brand? Placement and endorsement are two major players, if a brand sends out a small number of items to a hand picked selection of celebrities and they are seen wearing the dress, the glasses or carrying the bag, the must have factor goes stratospheric, and before you know it their small stock has sold out and there is a waiting list a mile long.

Red carpet events are the ultimate product placement, and TV shows are dedicated purely to what is being worn and who designed it. This publicity is priceless for dress, shoe and accessory designers and once an A lister is seen in one of your creations then you can practically guarantee that your business has made it. Reality shows are another major player, and if a star mentions or is seen wearing, a certain brand of gloves then they will fly off the shelves.

The power of the media in all its shapes and forms is used to the max by the luxury fashion brands, as they have cottoned onto the fact that this is the way to sell their products rather than stick thin models parading their ways. With more accessibility to celebs than ever before we see them more as real people than we did in the past, and the chance to dress like them is easier than ever before, even though it comes at a price.

The luxury fashion market is busier than it has ever been, and is growing constantly. Whilst there are still brands from the past who have kept their place, such as Chanel and Dior, the new kids on the block such as Victoria Beckham have carved their own niche, and we are loving them for it.